What the fuck am I doing?

Thanks for showing up here.

I haven't decided what I want this to turn into yet, however I am open to suggestions. Feel free to write me your thoughts. Aside from somewhere to have my own brain dumped of things that I believe would benefit the outside world to see, or hear, or read.. this is also a place for me to rant, challenge my own beliefs and see what this thing could grow into.

My goal has always been doing something meaningful and over the years, as I've grown my business, learned about being an entrepreneur and a leader, I've realized that my 'something meaningful' is creating a forum where I can bring value to people.

This is potentially that forum.

Safe to say this is where you'll find the wisdom of those that came before, ideas and thoughts that have made me think and develop the lens by which I see the world.

“do things for yourself. in thirty years, nobody will remember your choices except for you.”

The types of thoughts I'll be exploring on this blog.

  • Stoicism ideas and themes that have shaped my perspective.
  • The realities of being an entreprenuer.
  • My experience with meditation
  • Hacks, resources and wisdom that I've collected over the years.

Hope you stick around and don't tell anyone about this.