The Path Ahead - Day 1

The Path Ahead

I've recently had some big shifts in my personal life and I decided the best way to land and move forward is by taking some time off to be with myself and listen to the part of me that's pulling for adventure.

The adventure starts in Calgary, heading towards Jasper on Monday July 13th early in the morning. From there I'll head towards Dawson Creek. No, I've never seen the TV show, but I'm excited to see the town frozen in time. My plan from there is to head up the Alaskan Highway until I reach Yukon, and then turn down the 37 and come back south towards Kamloops.

This strip was sparked by wanting to go to Bella Coola, an area that's always called to me. I don't know why, there's not much there, but maybe that's just it. Maybe it's the peace that draws me in. So, because this was what sparked this adventure, I decided I may as well stop in on my way back and check it out. Initially I was going to bring my mountain bike, but I think I'm going to leave it behind and if I want to ride for a day, I can rent one from whatever town I'm near. Less weight, less attention, and one less thing to worry about.

I'm eager to see what the open road has in store for me. The trip will be self sustaining to the Jeep. This is because I'm super interested in overlanding so this will be the equivalent of 'dipping my toes in the water'. I'll regularly update this space as I go through this adventure!

Wish me luck.