Finding your genius

Want to figure out what you're good at? Need help identifying where you can provide value in a way that makes YOU happy? Well, I'd like to share with you a concept I came across while I was taking our creative firm through an accelerator program.

The concept goes a little something like this.

Everyone has a genius.

Your genius is defined as The one thing that someone (you) does that brings them great joy when they (you) do it, gives them (you) energy, and other marvels at the results that this person (you) is (are) able to produce.

It took me about two weeks of trying to identify my genius, but I finally come to a conclusion that I'm willing to accept, for now. Before I share with you my genius, it's important to note that this exercise is something that you can maybe do once a year. It's necessary to do every few years as we grow, priorities change, and life moves on a different path. This will ensure that whatever path you're on, you do the things that make you happy within that domain.

My three things, which I call my genius, are as follows:

My genius is generating, evolving, and bringing ideas to life.

My genius is reverse engineering problems to solve solutions and outcomes.

My genius is consulting / teaching.

You may be asking, how the hell did I find this out?

I figured this out by listing all the things that I do in my job, and identifying which of those things fit the definition of my genius. It was a pretty hard exercise but it was a lot of fun to go through. The help of my colleagues and girlfriend as well as program cohorts also helped me hone in on some of these attributes.

Voila, you're a genius.

Want to give it a go?

Make a list on a piece of paper and on the left side list out all the activities that you do in your business - or job (everything from taking out the trash to negotiating with the landlord, emails, etc).

Then add a little letter / categorize for each of the following points:

- Is this something that I'm incompetent at (i)

- Is this something that I'm okay at? not the best, but capable (c)

- Is this something that I'm excellent, I excel at? (e)

When you get all those categorized, you have one more category to mark:

- What are the genius activities (based on definition) that I do (g)? 

Put all of those activities in their respective categories. Now, think about how you can arrange days, weeks, months on how to focus on our genius. All you have to do to start is select a genius day each week to focus on those 'things' that are outlined and voila.

You're a genius.

Hopefully, you can be inspired to figure out your genius too. Or maybe not